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DC’s Urban Igloo’s enhanced website allows renters the first opportunity to find a new home by searching local neighborhood features through its online search portals

WASHINGTON, D.C. Urban Igloo, a local online residential real estate resource for renters, servicing Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania, has released an updated website utilizing a hyperlocal approach to connect local renters to landlords with the help of neighborhood portals and local agents fluent in each area of the city, at no cost to the renter.

As one of the first real estate companies to take an online hyperlocal approach to connect renters to specific neighborhoods, Urban Igloo focuses on community resources, neighborhood personalities and property amenities as the most significant determinants when searching for a new home, allowing renters the option to search for homes in areas that match their specific interests and lifestyles.

Urban Igloo connects renters with properties by highlighting what makes areas unique through tailored neighborhood pages. These pages feature local restaurants, stores and Metro stops in these different areas.  Local businesses featured can connect and educate thousands of potential renters who may become new residents or visitors in their community. These pages serve as tools for renters looking to move into a new area or established DC residents who want to explore a new neighborhood.

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“The Urban Igloo team’s extensive rental brokerage experience helps us understand the need to provide customers personalized search options that cater to specifics needs and highlight the unique attractions of local neighborhoods,” said Urban Igloo CEO Rick Gersten. “Our website will better assist locals in finding the most up-to-date rentals in the neighborhoods of their choice, while also allowing landlords the ease of finding suitable renters.”

The site’s new architecture includes two separate portals: one for renters and the other for landlords.

New features for renters include neighborhood maps featuring venue pins, the ability to designate “favorite” properties, and the development of property “wish lists” to share with friends.  Landlords can upload property information directly onto the site with a personalized login, allowing for apartment availability recognition in real-time.

Urban Igloo’s enhanced website provides local landlords and renters the ability to have a customizable home rental process by looking beyond traditional amenities—how many bedrooms, bathrooms, washer/dryer hookups, pets allowed, etc.—and working within a renter’s specific lifestyle wants to ensure they find a home in a neighborhood that works best for their day to day needs.

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About Urban Igloo

Founded in Washington, D.C. in 2009, Urban Igloo is a residential real estate resource that helps renters (at no fee) find homes. CEO Rick Gersten, a veteran real estate broker and developer, created the company to bring commercial market professionalism and local service to apartment and home renters.  Urban Igloo provides up-to-the-minute local rental market knowledge, expertise and networks. For more information, please visit