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Why Work with Urban Igloo?

  • Free Service. Yes, we’re full-service and 100% free for renters. Your Urban Igloo agent will find homes that match your preferences, schedule tours, and show you around—at no cost to you.
  • Are you a landlord? Post your rental with us for free and pay only a small fee on leases.
  • Local Experts. All of our agents live and work in the DC area. Unlike nationwide apartment sites, we’re not an impersonal call center. We’re fluent in neighborhoods and can share advice about transportation, shopping, and more.
  • Personalized Suggestions. Why leave the task of finding your next home to a generic online search? Our agents take the time to listen and come up with options tailored to your needs.
  • Fast, Stress-Free Process. Don’t worry about booking visits, checking availability, or doing heavy research on your own. We answer your questions, save you time, and take the hassle out of finding an apartment.
  • Satisfied Customers. We’ve helped clients from all over the world settle in DC homes that make them happy. And we’re proud of it! Read what past customers have to say about us.