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  • FREE. Yes, we’re free. We provide our services at no cost to you, the renter. Landlords — you post your rental for free and only pay a small fee once you sign a lease.
  • LOCAL. Urban Igloo pairs prospective renters with our local agents fluent in the surrounding neighborhoods and specialized in your rental needs.
  • PERSONAL. We’re finding your next home – of course this is a personalized service. Why search on a site that only asks you how many bedrooms or bathrooms you need? We take the time to listen, learn more about what you’re looking for in your next home and neighborhood, and secure personalized options that meet your individual needs.
  • STRESS-FREE. We provide a stress-free process and take care of the heavy lifting associated with finding a new home. Urban Igloo’s local agents connect you with quality properties quickly and effectively.
  • SUCCESS. Learn here about other renters’ experiences and success in finding their next home through Urban Igloo’s website and well-seasoned team of agents.