— Urban Igloo survey identifies residents’ most desired amenities —

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 7, 2014) — Urban Igloo, a residential real estate resource for Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania renters, today announced results of a new survey ranking amenities essential to local renters. A local sample of 454 people who recently expressed interest in renting in the D.C. market revealed “outdoor amenities” were the highest priority (61%), followed closely by “fitness amenities” (59%).

“These findings are reflective of the active and healthy D.C. lifestyle,” said Rick Gersten, CEO and president of Urban Igloo. “It’s striking that these numbers are so much higher than the findings in our national survey. People in the D.C. market clearly prioritize amenities that get them out of their homes for exercise, entertainment and socializing — regardless of seasonality.”

In a separate national survey of 1,010 Americans conducted in May, the most frequently cited amenity of importance was also “outdoor amenities,” but it was selected by less than half (47%) of respondents. The national survey also found “fitness amenities” (at 37%) to be less popular nationally than among those in the D.C. market.

Urban Igloo empowers renters with free and convenient services to streamline their apartment searches, including the ability to search for properties with outdoor amenities. Renters can consult with Urban Igloo’s licensed agents to home in on prospective neighborhoods, and then focus on available units that meet their apartment wish lists.

Onsite concierge services rated as significant in D.C. (37%), but less so nationally (10%); pet amenities scored lower in the D.C. survey (26%) compared to the national survey (39%); onsite services to support work at home were slightly less important in D.C. (14%) than they are nationally (20%); and services promoting socializing scored comparably in D.C. (15%) and nationally (16%).

“Our surveys reinforced what our experiences previously revealed — that renters are an audience with expanding wants for amenities in their new homes,” Gersten said. “Their increasing sophistication when evaluating rental options has raised the bar on real estate search and information options. Urban Igloo continuously researches and interprets these trends, empowers renters to view potential new homes online, provides informed advice from our team in real time and concludes with a signed lease — all with the assurance of our professional guidance.”

The local survey of 454 people who expressed interest in renting in the D.C. area within the last 12 months was conducted online June 25-26, 2014. The national survey of 1,010 Americans was conducted May 12-14, 2014.